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“Gnocchi on Thursday’s”

Gnocchi is an ancient pasta made from a variety of ingredients: flour, semolina, potato, bread crumbs, egg or other similar ingredients. The word ‘gnocchi’ basically means lump, knuckle or knot and they come in slightly different forms and sizes but are generally thick, soft dumplings.
The most popular method of preparing gnocchi is a mixture of flour, water and potato which has diffused since the late 18th century when potatoes were first imported from America.

There is an old roman saying “smile smile mothers made gnocchi” It is thought that eating gnocchi on Thursday’s in Rome became a tradition as a plate of gnocchi is very substantial and filling and prepares you for Friday which as per the Christian tradition is a fish day when especially the poorer classes would eat less.

Here at Mamma Angela’s we follow the roman tradition and serve fresh gnocchi dishes every Thursday as one of our daily specials.